Hands on experienced team to manage your project from grape to bottle.

How we work

Hands on Project Management: We built a team focused on the most important part of each project: Quality Winemaking. We believe in the intimate relationship between the winemaker and the wines and provide hands on focused quality control at each step to preserve that bond.

Custom Crush: Each project requires specific set up to achieve the winemaking goals. We do not limit ourselves to a few wineries and will take on any facility to insure quality and performance. When working with custom crush, our team works closely with the in-house team to insure our production standards are respected.

Vineyard development: Quality wine starts in the vineyards. The vineyard and the fruit derived from these vines is the most important element to the foundation of quality wine. Our team has over a decade of combined vineyard development and management experience. We have knowledge of rootstock, clone varietals, Napa Valley micro-climates and growing regions.

Winery development: Julien Fayard has been involved in numerous winery and cave developments from start to finish. Our winery development process is thorough and sets a winery up for functionality and both short-term and long-term financial sense.

Business plans: Julien Fayard earned his Master in Agriculture from ESA France and in 2011 he received his MBA from UC Davis. He has a unique ability to provide business plans and make business decisions with his winemaking and entrepreneurial background with these academic credentials.


Julien Fayard

Julien Fayard gained his knowledge and defined his core winemaking style from working at grand Chateaux in France such as Lafite Rothschild and Smith Haut Laffite. In Napa Valley, he’s worked alongside renowned winemaker Philippe Melka. He has come to be a Napa Valley veteran after more than a decade of working with some of the most highly acclaimed and sought after wines from the Napa Valley.
His philosophy is to produce wines with an identity that express pure, terroir-driven specificities and characteristics. He believes that as a winemaker, one doesn’t control the wine but rather wine style is the result of a combination of soil, climate and vineyard management. Wine style is an elegant combined expression of the fruit, soil, vines and climate. Julien is an entrepreneur with an acute business savvy of the wine industry. He has completed his MBA from top ranking Davis University in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. He brings a dynamic background of quality wine production, business management, winery development and infrastructure.

Team: Our team is composed of experienced technical members with strong work ethics. Committed to the success of each project and sharing the same vision of terroir driven wines.



Hands on Project Management
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Past and current projects

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